Текст песни Gamma Ray - Revelation

Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Gamma Ray
Альбом: Majestic
Длительность: 08:30
Рейтинг: 1580
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Sfairat


Save my soul from anguish Drained from fear to perish In the world of torment Save me, please save me from all We're riding on a velvet dream Thought ancient lands of time Are we lost forever? Rides and religions created to hate To fear and incite, not to love and placate Compassion for murders, to take Gods name in vain A fortres of evil is build up whithin pain I saw the sign Enlighten my mind Time after Time Silent tears Shadoww of fears Search for the one Revelation to come Silent tears in anguish and in fears We're serching for the one Where we?re all coming from May Your Heart be strong and true For the life's a gift love to you In my visions I have seen The World of mystery Leading me gently to open the door I'm searching for aswers can?t stop anymore Bound by this passion, my faith is unfailled I'm holding the key to the kingdom of fate Folow the sign Enlighten my mind Time after Time Revelation take me home To where I belong Home to the one, yeah! I hear you calling, calling for me Silent tears are falling On all thar is real, nothing is real On wings of glory, we shall arise Destyny's calling All that is real, norhig real Yours eyes seem so cold So wise, lost before they?re old It?s our creation We build a symphony of fears No more damnation To find salvation for our souls When you rech the ancient hall will you trust me when you hall To find salvation for your soul oh, is this time the end. or do I suspend I will be strong, Revelation shall come Folow the sign Time after Time Enlighten my mind Revelation take me home To where I belong Home to the one, yeah! Silent tears will wash away All that is real, nothing is real Do I surrender, or is this the end?
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