Текст песни Ja Rule - Sing A Prayer 4 Me

The Mirror
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ja Rule
Альбом: The Mirror
Длительность: 04:22
Рейтинг: 325
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Загрузил: _Money_Power_Respect_


Yea nigga, ima heal sumbody soul with this shyt, ya noe, it wont be the last time Chorus So I pray, for the strength of me to go on/ everyday, knowing im not promised tomorrow, if I may, ask the lord can I come home/ its easier said than done, that's why we pray Everyday 4 da sake of mankind please/ look in my eyes, tell me im lying/ only I cud package and sell the lords gift/ call them records and distribute the sounds of music/ dare to dream, but the sound I hear is acoustic/ and my dad is abusive and my momma is losin it/ I need base, the type u put in the pot and cook it/ un til it gets hard, hit the block and start movin it/ just had a baby and my baby's momma movin in/ with me and momma and there aint no room 4 all of em/ what I would call survival most of em would call quits/ but this is how we make our livin, shit Fuck the world, is what my little young'ns is yellin/ it feels so good to be young, black, and rebellious (right)/ say what I want (like)/ fuck imus, fuck George bush, them niggas aint important in my life/ but what is, is the next war that we fightin for whats right/ its for whats left and marriages of the same sex/ a child's murdered, the media wants to blame rap/ cuz at the time he was listening to some 2-pac/ there goes to show that they really don't even care that/ he still a child and he never gon get his youth back/ especially when ur charged for being black, young, and dumb/ the ones that they get their ideas from Lord hear my call, and curse them all, that pray and pray 4 my downfall/ gotta crawl be4 u walk, walk be4 u run/ DMC nd with the world in agreeance/ that nobody could quite do it like R U L E nd the more I started to read it/ the more I started believing it/ invincibility will get u higher than any amphetamine/ dope, coke, pills, lean, or weed/ and my star is so bright, man how can it dim/ I got 3 kids and I live thru all of them/ its like watchin myself grow all over again/ except this time it looks a little better from here
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