Текст песни Place Vendome - Valerie (The Truth Is In Your Eyes)

Streets Of Fire
Жанр: Hard Rock / AOR
Исполнитель: Place Vendome
Альбом: Streets Of Fire
Длительность: 03:42
Рейтинг: 850
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Hellgast


Girl, won't you tell me what have you been through? I know there's something hidden in your past A fear deep inside you, got a hold on you Reveals that certain things must not be asked Surrounding yourself with strangers Serving them lies They ask for your name, you answer You say it's Valerie With a fake history You wish to be such a mystery But you missed one alibi The truth that's in your eyes The truth is in you eyes Though you try concealing what you really feel The sweetness in your smile fails to hide Once it gets too serious, once it gets too rough You'll be gone before the break up of dawn Always a different story You sell and they buy You pick a name and answer This time is Kimberly Each time a new history A wish to be someone's fantasy But forgot one thing to hide The truth that's in your Kimberly What every man wants to see you make believe it's reality But forgot one alibi The truth is in your eyes Reflecting all the dreams that you once had Still wishing for the one you could not have Another useless story We all wonder why? Ask for your name, you answer It's back to Valerie Though millions of histories They failed to see what you'd really need Was someone to reach behind The truth that's in your... Valerie With nothing but mystery and broken dreams Of what could have been? If somebody cared to find The truth that's in your eyes
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