Текст песни Toto - Gypsy Train

Kingdom Of Desire
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Toto
Альбом: Kingdom Of Desire
Длительность: 06:45
Рейтинг: 1311
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: oracool


Downtown Jimmy, say you're feelin' kinda blue It's no problem, this is whatcha gotta do Telephone your baby, tell her that you're workin' late Come and pay a visit, please don't hesitate Come join the party, come along and be our guest Sit back and let us do the rest, we're the best, yeah Come on an' meet me at the station, don't pack your bags, just fix your hair Gotta get up, gotta get in, gotta get out, just look for me, I'm always there Chorus: Come on let's ride, ride that gypsy train All aboard, now don't you be afraid Come on let's ride, ride that gypsy train Feed the fire, let's go one mo' time again Medication, little love and sympathy, cool libation, it's complimentary Play a little poker, love when the stakes are high Lotta nasty women, givin' everyone the eye Say downtown Jimmy, tell me whatcha need, satisfaction guaranteed Guaranteed, yeah It's a perfect situation, it's so nice to have you here Gotta get up, gotta get in, gotta pull out, happy shiny people everywhere Chorus
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