Текст песни MC Ren - Live From Compton Saturday Night

Da Villain in Black
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: MC Ren
Альбом: Da Villain in Black
Длительность: 05:56
Рейтинг: 710
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: G-Baby


(MC Ren) Come on and step on in, no turnin back While I drop shit that have your mind turnin black Nigga I break God damn necks, when I drop verses And blind your sight, from the shit that I recite Live from Compton it's Saturday night But ain't no joke, cause I don't play that shit Niggas you know I ain't no motherfuckin comic Droppin street knowledge, plus a nigga Islamic Hoodrats they do the hoochie boogie for a fuck But that shit don't be workin When I'm rollin in my truck, the farthest they get is a big wheel For real, and bitch-made-niggas get they caps peeled When I walk, puts a hole in the floor, with the steel toe As if you didn't know, now that you know nigga act like you knew And if you continue trippin, motherfuck you I'm walkin with my niggas With the help of 187 on this tight ass track So step the hell back, and you can't afford to sleep Because my shit gets deep (Cold187um) Ok, time for me to rustle more shit, represent to the fullest Everytime that I'm spit, get cha lit Get cha lifted, get cha high as you wanna go Breakin fools off that wanna floss your gold Cause I hate flossers and I hate braggers I hate short stoppers and I hate laggers On the real, niggas be wanna Free Kick It pass So they can beat your shit, and jack your ass I give em 187 times to try But on the real, they better off committin suicide Slide me the tech Ren, so I can show 'em That I'm not to be trusted, and not to be fucked with And definately not that motherfucker they wanna press they luck with I keep it goin uncut, and if I get mad enough I shoot they whole fuckin set up And don't say I didn't warn ya It ain't funny, when you be a victim by the corner 187 be the gate keeper Cause where I'm from, the shit gets deeper (MC Ren) My shit gets backed up for days and days, it's hard to sleep My shit is too deep Well how in the hell am I gonna deal with new niggas That be comin hollerin wolf, and ain't put out shit yet Rollin down the street in my 4-5-0 Throwin wack niggas shit out my window Cause rarely do I see niggas that be comin with that funky ass shit That make you say fuck ay, go shoot a nigga down But here comes that black nigga that they call Ren Makin niggas go and act crazy again Niggas be fuckin fools for the hell of it Some down old niggas better not come this way Cause I just don't give a fuck, cause I get in a baby gangsta mode Bitch slappin niggas with my fist Cause I insist I'm a hell of a lyricist But my roots in the street Killin playa haters over some wicked ass beats Me and my niggas come and get your ass Then me and my niggas beat up on that ass Cause me and my niggas, nigga love the creep When the shit gets deep, it gets deep
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