Текст песни Coldcut - True Skool (feat. Roots Manuva)

Sound Mirrors
Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: Coldcut
Альбом: Sound Mirrors
Длительность: 03:35
Рейтинг: 728
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Загрузил: DEAD101


(Chorus) Whomsoever dont know best get to know were to cool Giving them cuts so cold it's true skool Far from the regular nothin used to Them kind of style is shock and spruce too Mind and soul in tune and loose too (Cooler than, cooler than cool!) Till a badman, get out! move from here! Tonight we celebrate like we dont care, you just Pump your fist and stamp your footsie If you cant dance just wiggle your tootsie All nations site from the rebel arrangement Rebel engagement - peace in the lover! Calypso dance hall punk step and dub! New wave old wave genre define Spitting on the a list we know the line Its the application of the citation, its the Iration of the of a gyration, its the Inclination of them that's inclined to Keep the thing mine For tis the bigger picture Biblical decendants scribes a new scripture Articulation of the incantation is the Foundation of the emancipation (Chorus) Mind weight ready warped Roads of many sign distraction Many find time for tubby bye bye Me oh my my oh me Tis it so simplistic Child's play man's play Could it be sadistic? Head space locked in them plastic gods There's too much! there's too many reasons! To keep deceiving To keep on believing in the Oh blah ra ra the sloganeers The crocodile pain, the crocodile tears She dont really need that brand new nose And he dont really need slave shoes or slave clothes But were far too busy to keep our mind privy Too the blessed is the man and the Grammar the host ease Ready to receive the rich a cold breeze All we really need is to plant the god seed Something to live for Something to believe (Chorus)
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