Текст песни Vanilla Ice - Detonator

Platinum Underground
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Vanilla Ice
Альбом: Platinum Underground
Длительность: 03:39
Рейтинг: 405
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: rock-19


[Chorus - repeat 2X] Lettin loose its the detonator setting off a time bomb Ring the alarm I`m coming through with the wickedness Inject the fluids of the sickest and watch as I kick this [Verse 1] I got a nation of millions to capture lyrical disaster pass the Ganja choppin shit like a bladerunner huntin down my opponents like the predator ready to start my search like the hunt for Red October 31st Day of my birth had much pain as an adolescent Natural stigmata, much drama when Mom`s was stressin They`re on my trail like the bone collector Select the sense from my sixth Inject the fluid of the wickedness Fuck the world! Is my motto I just can`t understand why they point the finger When they see me doing my thing Bitches swing when they see me pass on by In the GS4 With the Cane plates bought from my last tour Its Amityville Horror on haters block For those that copycat my tactics trying to make it to the top Like in the shining when Jack Nicholson got possessed with the wickedness I`m true to kicking this [Chorus] - repeat 2X [Verse 2] Like Manson dismantling MC`s who oppose a threat You really don`t want to get into some shit that you`ll regret Cause like Samuel I hold the whole place for negotiation Incarcerating anyone with the temptation trying to test my faith Is it safe to come out and play now? Is he gone? Man I don`t understand what kind of high this dude is trippin on Pure I-C-E with a twist of Vanilla thriller Captivating souls like the body snatchers Its return of the living Caucasians Of psychopathic mind grabbing Asiatic demonic fanatics Causing havoc bringing the pain Flaming up like in Backdraft Feel the wrath of the lyrical combustion Many aren`t true to what they`re busting (From the depths) I`m coming through like the Hell Raiser It`s the end of days there`s no escape from the detonator [Chorus] - repeat 4X
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