Текст песни Scarface - One

The Diary
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Scarface
Альбом: The Diary
Длительность: 04:44
Рейтинг: 626
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Загрузил: Gragory


[Verse 1] Sittin' at the stop light lookin at hoes Peeping out this bitch in her black Girsauds Windows rolled up tight, top was closed Blowin swisher sweet smoke out my nose Open up the door and asked the bitch what's up Lookin' at me crazy, I'm like bitch what's up She asked about my woman, I said my woman at home I asked about her nigga, she said her nigga was gone I got my pencil and got her digits and things And after three or four days I gave that bitch a ring We started talkin and I dropped some shit Gave her some game and now I got that bitch Now she wants to give your homie some ass But there's just one question I got to ask [Verse 2] I called my homie, told my homie it's on Gotta few hoes that wanna moan and groan They on they way I just hung up the phone And we gone be like Marvin Gaye, nigga, gettin' it on But you gots to keep your head right And make these bitches feel at home Cause these Bitches got they head tight And furthermore, they bringin' weed Just kick back nigga follow my lead [Verse 3] Hung up the horn and the hoes arrived Three tight young tenders, them hoes was live Rolled herself a wooler, told her fade me true Cock bustin at the seams of her Daisy Dukes Ass fatter than a motherfuckin quota hoe Ready to take one of these bitches to the slaughterhouse Got my shirt over my dick cuz it's hardened to fuck Cuz I get real daddy wantin to fuck It's about time to put the game in attack Tapped and told her what's her name in the back Got em in my room about to hop in the tub My homie walked in, "shit, brad, what's up?" TOld my homie put it down we spend to act a fool The hoe said "cool, hop yo ass in the pool I wanna polish up your tool." But it's just one thing before you do
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