Текст песни Scarface - Mind Playin' Tricks

The Diary
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Scarface
Альбом: The Diary
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 558
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Загрузил: Gragory


sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles Are we on the radio dukes? Awww yeah, give it to me Yeah, at night I can't sleep I'm tossin' and turnin' I still got the candlesticks burnin' It ain't changed but it's a different time And I'm still playin' tricks with my mind My mothers always stressin' that I'm livin' wrong But I got my Smith and Wesson so I'm gettin' grown And their lookin' at your little boys success And I been thinkin', I'm dealin' with too much stress So I stay up on my p's and q's And watch out for the G's and fools Cause the homies that I thought I had See me stackin' up a grip And they just started talkin' bad So I stay away from outsiders And when I wrote them, it makes 'em open they mouth wider I used to think that you was my one and only homie My mind was playin' tricks on me My mind was playin' tricks on me Yeah Dear diary I'm havin' a little trouble with my mind state How many bullets would it take to change my mind? wait Sometimes I want to end it but I don't though They tell me see my pastor but I don't go Cause they all be on this one street So I take it on myself to thank him one deep And give my money to the most needy And never put it in the hands of the most greedy Cause their puttin' a price tag on a man's word And it's a fashion show, so the men flirt The world is endin' so they try to make us switch fast And they openin' up these churches for some quick cash And usin' the money fo' they new cribs While brother Johnson just got kicked out where he lived I follow no man, cause man be phoney My mind was playin' tricks on me My mind was playin' tricks on me Day by day it's more impossible to cope I feel like I'm the one that's doin' dope Can't seem to keep my mind on a steady track I'm all about gettin' mine so I study that But it seems they want to get me So I try to keep my nine millimeter wit me Just in case they want to see a homies head blown But I got to stay around to see my kids grown I finally found a woman who could deal wit me Back then I had a woman who wouldn't real wit me And now she's back with her old lady And now I got it goin' on and they sure hate me Now I'm a gone and she's alone hahahaha, her mind was playin' tricks on her One time for your motherfuckin' mind Bringin' it back like this here 1-9-9-1 all the way to the 1-9-9-4 and they me Face My mind was playin' tricks on me
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