Текст песни Galactic - What You Need

Saints Row 2: Generation X 89.0 - OST (Ultor FM)
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Galactic
Альбом: Saints Row 2: Generation X 89.0 - OST (Ultor FM)
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 1433
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Загрузил: Ronny89


You got to [step on] the corner, man. You know I got what you need, baby. [something] Oh! [Chorus] You want it? Baby, I got it. You need it? Baby, come get it. You want it? Baby, I got whatchya need, watchya need, watchya need, watchya need? [Repeat Chorus] Uh! I got headphones. I got [tempo[s]]. I got ten toes with ingrowns. I got pimples. You hit the jackpot, man. You win big’n some. How much you want to spend, babe? That’s all it depends on. Banjo stings, and [sandal] strings. Ham strings, candle strings, and cuff links. Got bangles, candles, and Cadillac handles. Come back next week I [seen sharp and tango]. No hassle, man. No haggle. Come on! Ain’t nothin’ too shameful. This is my corner, baby. [Ain't got] no prospects. Never will change, though, but I will take your dollars, pennies, pounds and pesos. [Chorus] [Repeat chorus] I got bow ties, [blow flies], and [oh mys | oh-niners]. I got clothes driers, [???], and coat hangers. I got needle-nose pliers, front row to the Globetrotters. You buy some one-niners, I’ll throw in some yo’ mommas. oh! No credit, no credit — no problem. You’ll be ridin’ and stylin’ in [a] Honda [Profile | profilin'], [in] no time. [???] baby [???] no tires, it’s just exposed wires for the ride so quiet. Here. No [wallies]! I told you on the phone, man, “You break it, you buy it.” Come on! Make me an offer, baby. Buy me out. All here on the corner right here, right now, So what you need? What you need? [Chorus] [Talking] Oh, yeah, you know I got your size. Yeah. Wh- Extra small? Ok, well, wh- wh- what we’ll do is just shrink down a large. You know what I mean? It’ll be all good. No problem. How much you got you? That’s enough. I got girls gone wild, cab drivers gone wild, the world gone wild, [???] gone wild, President gone wild, but, hey, then again, it’s just three months on [CNN]. It’s what ever y’all want carte blanch. The Vice-president’s book. [Hard] man walks up a heart throb. [But] All you favorites. [???] paperback. Hell, no, you can’t take it back! You said beta max! Come on, now, people! I gotta pay the rent! Paper clips, shaving kits, Raisinettes, laser pens, [???], cigarettes, [???] from [vinaigrette]. I got some cable knits made by kids from Bangladesh. [Lettuce | letters], numbers, cumbers — shit — you can buy a pound. All on the corner right here, right now. I take gold cards, Chase cards, green cards, the [race] cards, and any legal tender with a white man in the center. [Chorus] That’s right, ya’ll. Step up! Step up! We got everything you need. And on top of all that, I’m a nice guy. [???] Ladies. Come on, Sue. Wai- wai- wait! Where you going? [??? across the street. They ain't gonna buy it???]
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