Текст песни Glenn Tipton ft. John Entwistle ft. Сozy Powell - Friendly Fire

Edge Of The World
Жанр: Heavy Metal / Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Исполнитель: Glenn Tipton ft. John Entwistle ft. Сozy Powell
Альбом: Edge Of The World
Длительность: 05:32
Рейтинг: 1377
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Загрузил: ssres


Oh so young and far from home They only get one life They were told it's just a game There woul dbe no need to fight Seemed quite real though yesterday When we got blown away By friendly fire Giving orders from afar They're safe and sound who cares If a few lives are expendable As long as its' not theirs Wonder would they say the same If they got blown away By friendly fire By friendly fire Sending back photographs of war I thought you might need some of that To remind you of what it is like To be on the other side of Friendly fire They turn & look away As if they always knew That all their empty words Can't eclipse the truth - that's okay Even if they'll never take the blame At least put me to rest Give me back my name I wonder if they'd stillagree To risk their life expectancy If they'd been standing next to me And blown away by friendly fire By friendly fire
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