Текст песни Exodus - Beyond The Pale

Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Exodus
Альбом: Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Длительность: 07:40
Рейтинг: 4100
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Загрузил: al9


Sinners heart can't think or feel The sharp sting of slicing steel Punish, kill, repeat The death caress, so bittersweet I live outside the rule of law My one decree is shock and awe Black sheep of my kind Progeny of hate refined [Pre-chorus:] Suffering spreads like the plague Reasons why, still oh so vague The siren song of slaughter summons me To inner demons I succumb I know not that which I've become Exhibit A in man's atrocity Take the gun, take the knife Take the pain, then take the life My taste for homicide Is rising up and amplified Bloody deeds, my only friend With me til the bitter end Together we are one And our work has just begun [Pre-chorus] [Chorus:] Plea for mercy To no avail Killers of my kind live Beyond the pale In this world of mine They say I don't belong Something that feels so right Could never be so wrong Plea for clemency You're wasting time My routine Is the scene of the crime I make the Devil laugh And Angels wail Forever I will reside Beyond the pale [Solo Gary] Heartless bastard cold as ice Victim of my own device The strong prey on the weak Dead men, they never speak All part of man's condition On this path to our perdition We kill along the way Death never takes a holiday [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] [Solo Lee]
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