Текст песни Tom Petty - Crawling Back To You

Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Tom Petty
Альбом: Wildflowers
Длительность: 05:06
Рейтинг: 822
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Загрузил: Leo2007


Waiting by the side of the road For day to break so we could go Down into Los Angeles With dirty hands and worn out knees (Chorus) I keep crawling back to you I keep crawling back to you The ranger came with burning eyes The chambermaid awoke surprised thought she'd seen the last of him She shook her head and let him in Hey baby, there's something in your eyes Tryin' to say to me That I'm gonna be alright if I believe in you It's all I want to do It was me and my sidekick He was drunk and I was sick We were caught up in a barroom fight Till an Indian shot out the lights I'm so tired of being tired Sure as night will follow day Most things I worry about Never happen anyway
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