Текст песни Kate Hudson - Cinema Italiano

Nine - OST / Девять - Саундтрек
Жанр: Musical / OST / Vocal
Исполнитель: Kate Hudson
Альбом: Nine - OST / Девять - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:14
Рейтинг: 747
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Загрузил: LadyLuck


I love the black and white I love the play of light The way Contini puts his image through a prism I feel my body chill Gives me a special thrill Each time I see that Guido neo-realism I love the dark handsome guys with their skinny little ties dressing mod looking out of sight I love to watch them as they cruise with their pointy leather shoes wearing shades in the middle of the nights Whatever Guido does it makes me smile He is the essence of Italian style... I love the glamorously Latin world that only Guido can portray Contini's Cinema Italiano I love his Cinema Italiano He makes me feel with Cinema Italiano My life is real with Cinema Italiano He is the king of Cinema Italiano Those scenes I love to see from Guido's POV there's no one else with his unique director's vision His angles wide and tight Each moment feels so right Defines Italian style by only his decision I love the speedy little cars,the hip coffee bars the sleek women in Positano Guido's the ultimate "uomo Romano" Contini's Cinema Italiano I love his Cinema Italiano Guido, Guido, Guido, Guido, GUIDO!!! Dark handsome guys Skinny little ties Shades in the middle of the night Speedy little cars Hip coffee bars SLEEK WOMEN IN POSITANO!!! Ecco il re del Cinema Italiano Questo-o-e il Cinema Italiano nella mia anima(X3) cinema italiano Bianco-Nero-Bianco-Nero Bianco-Nero-Nero-Nero Cinema Italiano Bianco-Nero-Bianco-Nero Bianco-Nero-Nero-Nero cinema italiano
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