Текст песни Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Rebirth

UNI5: The World's Enemy
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Альбом: UNI5: The World's Enemy
Длительность: 07:16
Рейтинг: 718
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Загрузил: Mr wow


Thin-C & Krayzie Bone (Chorus) Everybody wanna sound like, sound like, sound like Bone, Bone, Bone! Everybody wanna rap like, rap like, rap like Bone, Bone, Bone! As we continue to pick up the pieces, they follow us Kings ‘til the sundown. Deadly issues of telekinesis, better show love or lay down. [X2] [Layzie Bone] Hold down! Welcome to the showdown! (showdown!) I think it’s ’bout time little Layzie let ‘em know now. Take it to the streets and let the pump, pump go “Pow!” Take my style, let me show you how I go wild. Now you playin’ with a fully-grown man, with a fully-blown plan, with a fully-loaded clip. I’ma go up in your sh-t. I don’t play with little kids, I spank that ass, boy you know who we is! (Bone, Bone, Bone!) My homies the greatest! I roll with the best, see? Who in the f-ck wanna test these n-ggas from the S-C-T, C-L-E? We got heat! Y’all know what happened to the thief when the king catch him stealin’, got his hands in the cookie jar. Off with his hand! F-ck it, off with his head! Make him stand front and center, let me see what the rookie got? Bet a n-gga ain’t got nothin’, they bluffin’! Tryin’ to come up on somethin’, bubblin’! I’ma say this really, really, really loud! Y’all wanna rumble, I’ll bust them, rush them! Trust him, never! On a whole ‘nother level. If God The Creator, then y’all n-ggas’ devils. The fight won’t end ’til the war get settled. And Bone gonna win ‘cause them Bone n-ggas’ rebels. Playa!… Yeah!… N-gga! [Chorus] [Krayzie Bone] They don’t wanna see me shine! Everybody wanna sound like Bone though come back in the Bone zone! But you beginnin’ with the daddy you don’t know. They call me The Granddad – Granddaddy of the Bone flow! Well little lazy rappers, obviously we never figured this would be the lick and we’d be next to shine. And we got everybody screamin’ and singin’ but these out-of-shape suckas need exercise! So I’ma get up in their mental. I’ma work ‘em out over the instrumental! Give ‘em a criminal rhythm, the lyrical nympho! Wanna see the wicked? Better know what you’re in for! First, the fan side could be forgiven – you didn’t know! Second time, I got up in ‘em like “here we go!” No matter what, they sayin’ we still the most realest that ever did it, feel me flow! And everybody want a little bit against a little Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh! A little taste so they can test and make ‘em see how we the best and I’ll be realer than the rest don’t flex ‘cause the pump gonna get ‘em. I’m like a bullet to the chest, suffer a cardiac arrest that’s so hard and I can still get their heart and leave ‘em dead and give ‘em all they can get! Send them suckas to the lyric cemetery, or the rap hospital. Never no competition! [Chorus] [Flesh-n-Bone] Come ‘on, now let me take you back to The Land, you know where the heart of it all. In 1993, when we was up out the scene. The fellas with hell of a harmony with the flow hooked up with Eazy-E and shook up the industry and y’all just in time to get another phase. This certainly is somethin’ that you wouldn’t wanna miss! The drama when it hit the fan, we got ‘em trippin’ off the gift, and split a wig up with a pretty sick twist. The Ruger like a surgeon and it’s on, exactly what I cut you with is sharper than a scalpel. Actually, it’s too many Bone Thug clones and they all malpractice, arrested, and send ‘em to the gallows! My trues brought a style that’s unfound and you can feel it naturally. But we ain’t no magicians. Really ain’t no thing to make a fraud disappear. Steady givin’ what they love to hear, make ‘em listen up close. Everybody know we got the dough. We choppin’ nothin’ but missiles, still the n-gga who the greatest! Y’all lost! Can’t even afford the cost, this is authentic and nothin’ that’s dealin’ with them world-wide bosses! We got the sauce, baby, we got the juice! We keep ‘em in a frenzy fiendin’ for more! O
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