Текст песни Gogol Bordello - In the Meantime in Pernambuco

Trans-Continental Hustle
Жанр: Punk / Folk-Rock
Исполнитель: Gogol Bordello
Альбом: Trans-Continental Hustle
Длительность: 03:11
Рейтинг: 1210
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Загрузил: al9


Some time when you have to take the hardest way That don't mean that your star is leading you astray Forget fashion symposium Yo, get panoramic! All I gotta say, my friend: Stay aerodynamic! All I gotta say, my friend: Stay aerodynamic! Whoa my spirit guide, lurking in the window Never did I fit the frame invented by the gringo Oh, my spirit guide, store up on provisions Oh, expect nothing more or less but critical condition! Cause in the meantime in Pernambuco Cachaça льется Yeah, Cachaça a-clandestina Yeah, Cachaça da cigana PARTY! Da da da... Russo Frevo! Da da da... Cachaça da cigana Once we're there, the locals ask "Amigo, who sent you?" Paranoia, violence is always on the menu But once the hospitality will dissolve the fear Nothing but good kind of trouble There is left to stir Frevo, Frevo, Frevo, Frevo Frevo, Frevo, Frevo, Frevo Russo Frevo
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