Текст песни De-Phazz - Rat Pack

LaLa 2.0
Жанр: Jazz
Исполнитель: De-Phazz
Альбом: LaLa 2.0
Длительность: 04:03
Рейтинг: 574
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Загрузил: bomy01


She was made for the exception I wasn’t made for the rules We shared that secret connection A little queen of being fool And she said: Sit back, just relax I’m talking about desire Lied back you’re the sex I’m talking about the heat Rat pack on my back I set this stage on fire Zigzag on the track Whatever turns the heat She liked the beat But I didn’t like her mirror Hit myself forever till she cried Forever is more dangerous than never Tragedy multiply Darling, wouldn’t you want me That our love was meant to be Oh, see, see.
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