Текст песни Tracy Chapman - Crossroads

Жанр: Folk
Исполнитель: Tracy Chapman
Альбом: Crossroads
Длительность: 04:15
Рейтинг: 1062
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Загрузил: Susen


All you folks think you own my life But you never made any sacrifice Demons they are on my trail I'm standing at the crossroads of hell I look to the left I look to the right There's hands that grab me on every side All you folks think I got my price At which I'll sell all that is mine You think money rules when all else fails Go sell your soul and keep your shell I'm trying to protect what I keep inside All the reasons why I live my life Some say the devil be a mystical thing I say the devil he a walking man He a fool he a liar conjurer and a thief He try to tell you want Try to tell you what you need Standing at the point The road it cross you down What is at your back Which way do you turn Who will come to find you first Your devils or your gods All you filks think you run my life Say I should be willing to compromise I say all you demons go back to hell I'll save my soul save myself
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