Текст песни C-Block - Keep Movin' (Extended Edit)

Keep Movin'
Жанр: Dance / Eurohouse
Исполнитель: C-Block
Альбом: Keep Movin'
Длительность: 05:12
Рейтинг: 789
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Penumbra


Chorus: I gotta keep movin’, up and down this life I gotta keep movin’, leave the past behind And do all it should be done, to live my life and have some fun Life is how you make it, so take it Rap1: Now I see ya still movin, while I’m groovin, Once again I’m back in the house, I’m improovin, To let you know, let you real somethin good But not this, see you wish you could Gotta lay the past behind, what’s on my mind, It’s the rime shinin, clinin, I’m pporing on a way to the top With CBK-style with the club hiphop I bring it back, put it down the line I stop and come on the top of the dine Did you think I was gone all for real? But you’re going full, with the rap appeal, Now here it comes stronger much harder Where black and go, much started I can’t stop, nigga come Pop! Drop! Gotta keep movin’! Chorus x 2 I gotta keep movin, up and down this life Rap2: I gotta keep movin’, while you snoozin It’s the club style mix, I’m here to proove it Now recognize the M to the M P, The P is for POP, and I don’t stop And I can’t be stopped now immitade it So watch out, yeah, ya still hacned It’s the digness with the mystery Now watch out and go, see I peep this I still standing on the eastcoast level I’m still diggin deep, and I’m remaining the shevel Now I keep going try to face that Still ponding powerful commercial track, jack Gotta bring it to you nice and slow On the carpet C, it is my time to glow I stay away to long, it’s beeting my chest like King Kong Chorus x 2 I gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movin’ I gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movin’ Bridge: It’s 1998 ya’ll, and we still represent C-BLOCK We just tryin to let you know, Life is what you make it So leave the past behind, cause that’s the way it’s done, So keep movin! Chorus x 2 I gotta keep movin, up and down this life
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