Текст песни AZ - The Format

The Format
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: AZ
Альбом: The Format
Длительность: 03:04
Рейтинг: 969
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Загрузил: Dimaestro


I'm readyy You know the chronicles the shit that if momma knew the stress the drama dude the techs phenominal rapid fire, pecs thru the adominal you bastard liars, it's me whos the honorable bathed and clothed up, shaved and close cut restraint from temptation was drained from both nuts hah.. now the physical form verbalized thru the scriptures i was Biblically born It's Ia Jerimiah, concieved thru the blunt fire On kawasakis could wheelie up on one tire Well respected, gel connected, got the method for the woody females perfected for sure, very few flaws, heavy chevy 2 doors candy painted to give a nigga the blue balls course, this the life i chose the bid, the 360, the cyphers closed c'mon REFRAIN The format is real sickening, contagious Here I come, AZ Still, i dont have to run no games i've done those thangs Young and gifted my tongues prolific in the beached bungalow is how i brung in christmas from the streets ima flow from the hungriest districts switch kicks, crisp when i come to them picnics play it slow, paper chase, stack, and lay low range rov, tinted all black the same old psychic mind, writes his ryhmes still turn the new leaf on my life of crime no concerns with new beef whos as nice as i'm its confirmed from feet i'm still a sniper blind built my fame, spilt my pain politicing daily still tryn to milk the game its obvious that i'm real rap skills remain i took some change and i'm still the same.. REFRAIN Learned the system [?] from izm jotted my jewels down like journalism how ima ? now it emerged thru wisdom a pilgrim, prophisize puttin words to rhythm relatin', an Adam Clayton in manifestation patient, meditatin' with them animals waitin pacin', like an M-8 that sealed it's fate let some years escape but i'm still in shape Im Chillin.. deeply rooted, a beast with music from ? to the east im too at peace to lose it but love it, i still does it breathin off a Trump budget fresh outa Bloomies with the Louie luggage REFRAIN
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