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This Is War
Жанр: Electronic / Alternative Rock / Arena Rock
Исполнитель: 30 Seconds To Mars
Альбом: This Is War
Длительность: 04:26
Рейтинг: 13245
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GA DEN HLA GYAY GÖN GYI TUG KAR NE RAB KAR SHO SAR PUNG DRAY CHU TZIN TSER CHÖ KYI GYELPO KÜN KYEN LOZANG DRAG SE DANG CHE PA NE DIR SHEG SU SÖL From the heart of the Lord of the Ganden devas emerges a brilliant white cloud, like a great mass of fresh yogurt. Atop sits Tsong Khapa, all-knowing King of Dharma. We request your coming to this place along with your great disciples. DÜN GYI NAM KAR SENG TRI PE DAY TENG JETSÜN LAMA GYE PAY TZUM KAR CHEN DAG LO DE PAY SÖNAM ZHING CHOG TU TEN PA GYE CHIR KEL GYAR ZHUG SU SÖL My Lord Guru is seated before me on a lionthrone, lotus and moon cushion. His white face smiles blissfully. Please remain many eons and serve as the supreme merit field for the growth of my mind of faith, and for the increase of Lord Buddha's teachings. SHE JAY KYÖN KÜN JEL WAY LO DRÖ TUG KELSANG NA WAY GYEN GYUR LEG SHE SUNG DRAG PAY PEL GYI HLA MER DZE PAY KU TONG TÖ DREN PAY DÖN DEN LA CHAG TSEL Your omniscient wisdom-mind encompasses all that is existent. Your speech is a profound teaching which ornaments the ear of the fortunate. Your body's beautiful radiance evokes wondrous admiration. I prostrate to you Lama Tsong Khapa, whom merely viewing, hearing or contemplating earns one great merit. YI ONG CHÖ YÖN NA TSOG ME TOG DANG DRI SHIM DUG PÖ NANG SEL DRI CHAB SOG NGÖ SHAM YI TRUL CHÖ TRIN GYATSO DI SONAM ZHING CHOG KYE LA CHÖ PAR BUL I present to you, supreme field of merit, Tsong Khapa, delightful offerings: pure sweet water, various flowers, fragrant incense, butterlamps, perfumes and more, both physical and mental offerings, vast as the clouds and wide as the ocean. DAG GI TOG ME DÜ NE SAG PA YI LÜ NGAG YI KYI DIG PA CHI GYI DANG KYEPAR DOM PA SUM GYI MI TÜN CHOG NYING NE GYÖ PE DRAG PÖ SO SOR SHAG The unwholesome actions of body, speech and mind, I have accumulated since time without beginning, especially actions contrary to my three vows, (Vinaya, Bodhisattva, Vajrayana), I regret extremely from the depths of my heart, and reveal each and every such action. NYIG MAY DÜ DIR MANG TO DRUB LA TSÖN CHÖ GYE PANG PAY DEL JOR DÖN YÖ JE GÖN PO KYÖ KYI LAB CHEN TZE PA LA DAG CHAG SAM PA TAG PE YI RANG NGO We totally rejoice in your magnificent achievements, my Lord, you strove for knowledge and realization, abandoned the eight worldly concerns and made the most meaningful use of human life with the eighteen opportune conditions during these degenerate times. JETSÜN LAMA DAM PA KYE NAM KYI CHÖ KÜ KA LA KYEN TSE TRIN TRIG NE JI TAR TSAM PAY DÜL JAY TZIN MA LA ZAB GYE CHÖ KYI CHAR PA WAB TU SÖL Pray all you Holy Gurus, unerring in conduct, precipitate a rain of vast and profound Dharma, from the billowing clouds of wisdom and compassion which fill the Dharmakaya sky, providing for the field of disciples precisely what is needed. NAM DAG WÖ SAL YING LEY JING PA YI ZUNG JUG KU LA CHAR NUB MI NGA YANG TA MAL NANG NGOR ZUG KU RAG PA NYI SI TI BAR DU MI NUB TAN PAR JUG May the Vajra Body created from the purity of clear light, free of the rising and setting of cyclic existence, but visible to the ordinary viewer only in its unsubtle, physical form stay on unchanging, without waning, until samsara ends.
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