Текст песни Jeff Beck - Lilac Wine (Feat. Imelda May)

Emotion And Commotion
Жанр: Blues Rock
Исполнитель: Jeff Beck
Альбом: Emotion And Commotion
Длительность: 04:44
Рейтинг: 2497
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: al9


lilac wine i lost myself on a cool damp night gave myself in that misty light was hypnotized by a strange delight under a lilac tree i made wine from the lilac tree put my heart in its recipe it makes me see what i want to see and be what i want to be when i think more than i want to think do things i never should do i drink much more that i ought to drink because i brings me back you lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love lilac wine, i feel unsteady, like my love listen to me... i cannot see clearly isn't that she coming to me nearly here lilac wine is sweet and heady where's my love lilac wine, i feel unsteady, where's my love listen to me, why is everything so hazy isn't that she, or am i just going crazy, dear lilac wine, i feel unready for my love
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