Текст песни Cro-Mags - See The Signs

Alpha Omega
Жанр: Hardcore
Исполнитель: Cro-Mags
Альбом: Alpha Omega
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 530
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Загрузил: ssres


I see the signs of a corrupt nation Living off the blood of humanity The poor got nothing and nowhere to run And the rich got more than they know What to do with Yeah, don't you see the signs? Got our homeless on the park bench With nowhere to go Yeah, don't you see the signs? There's people suffering everywhere And no one seems to care Yeah, don't you see the signs? We got our children begging for money With no food to eat Yes, it's true! I can't believe it (no!) I can't believe it I can't believe The signs I see (no!) I won't receive it (no!) I won't receive it (no!) We go to end the misery I see the signs everywhere I look yeah People try to escape through material game I look around at society I can't stand what I see Wake up , stand up and fight Don't be afraid, freedom's your right Revolution set yourself free This world belongs to you and me
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