Текст песни Sleep - Dopesmoker

Жанр: Stoner Doom
Исполнитель: Sleep
Альбом: Dopesmoker
Длительность: 1:03:30
Рейтинг: 1078
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Загрузил: Vziel


Drop out of life with bong in hand Follow the Smoke toward the Riff filled Land Drop…out of life with bong in hand Follow the Smoke toward the Riff filled Land Solo One Proceeds the Weedian – Nazareth Proceeds the Weedian – Nazareth Creedsmen roll out across the dying dawn Sacred Israel Holy Mountain Zion Sun beams down on to the Sandsea reigns Caravan migrates through deep sandscape Lungsmen unearth the creed of Hasheeshian Procession of the Weed-Priests to cross the sands Desert Legion Smoke-Covenant is complete Herb bails retied on to backs of beasts Arise arise arise - The Son of the God of Israel Jordan River flows on evermore Bathe in glow of sunlight’s beating rays They feel so lost and burned through our days Stoner caravan emerge from sandsea Earthling inserts to chalice the green cutchie Groundation soul finds trust upon smoking hose Assembled creedsmen rises prayer-filled smoke Raise up seer’s Holy Prophecy Lets down on upon years of the sun now feeds Seed of Eden fall on the(m ten fold) ?? (dont know last word he says maybe 2 words) Onward caravan prepare new bong Weed-Priests ?? Smol-tent the right (not sure wut comes after priests but its only one word) Judgement soon come to Mankind Green Herbsmen serve rightful king Hemp seed caravan carries Solo Two - Break - The molten fire flowed up toward Zion Flight of the Nazarene to seek the Cheribum Rides out believer with the spliff aflame Marijuanaut escapes earth to cultivate Solo Three Grow-Room is church temple of the new stoner breed Chants Loud-Robed priest down on to the freedom seed Burnt offering redeems – completes smoked deliverance Caravans’ stoned deliverance The caravan holds to Eastern Creed - Now smokes believer ! The Chronicle of the Sensimillian Drop out of life with bong in hand Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land Drop out of life with bong in hand Follow-the-smoke-Jerusalem
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