Текст песни Kansas - Mainstream

Drastic Measures
Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Kansas
Альбом: Drastic Measures
Длительность: 06:37
Рейтинг: 897
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Загрузил: lass01


Overkill, have you had your fill Come to expect it Off the wall, too short or too tall System rejects it Lost the handle, what's it all been for? Tired of trying, seeing so much more (Chorus) It's so predictable and everybody judges by the numbers that you're selling Just crank 'em out on the assembly line and chart 'em higher (higher, higher) Just keep it simple boys it's gonna be alright as long as you're inside the Mainstream, are we moving too far away Is it worth it if it doesn't pay The centerline is status quo, it's Mainstream If you stay within the tried and true You'll remain among the chosen few Survive another year The market is dead, accounts in the red Media saturation We're deep in a rut, the arteries cut Sensory deprivation Really loved it, didn't earn a cent No one's buying your experiment (Chorus) For the masses in Consumerland Give 'em everything that they demand Survive another year Corporate mold, packaged and sold, 16 to 30 Jobbers and racks, they're movin' in stacks Tactics are dirty We're in business, what else is it for? Profit motive, welcome to the war (Chorus) Just be careful not to rearrange And don't let 'em catch you getting strange Survive another year
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