Текст песни Kansas - A Glimpse of Home

Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Kansas
Альбом: Monolith
Длительность: 06:30
Рейтинг: 1351
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: lass01


When I Was Very Young So Many Songs Were Sung So Much Wasted Time On An Uphill Climb But You Where Always There, a Feeling in the Air There Was Nothing to Fear You Were So Near Now You Are Here Once Again As I Stand in Your Presence I Can Feel the Quiet Patience of Your Gaze Like An Old Superstition You Are Haunting All My Dreams and Waking Days (Chorus) All My Life I Knew You Were Waiting, Revelation Anticipating All Is Well, the Search Is Over, Let the Truth Be Known Let It Be Shown (Give Me a Glimpse of Home) There's no Resisting You Among the Chosen Few It's Hard to Be Sure, It's Hard to Endure And When I Hear Your Voice I Know I Have the Choice To Pursue An Ideal, Something So Real Now I've Got Nothing to Lose As I See Your Reflection All the Answers I Desire Become So Clear Like a Page That Is Turning I Can Look Into the Future Without Fear You're in My Rock and Roll, You're in My Very Soul Though It's Heavy to Bear, It's a Feeling So Rare And It's a Mystery, the Way It's Meant to Be Can We Ever Know, We're Moving So Slow There Ain't Enough Time in the World As I Reach Up the Ladder There Is Something Ever Higher to Perceive Like a Fire That Is Burning In My Heart I Know I Surely Must Believe
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