Текст песни Michael Schenker Group - Rock You To The Ground

Assault Attack
Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Michael Schenker Group
Альбом: Assault Attack
Длительность: 05:49
Рейтинг: 4215
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Leo2007


Mister Rock and Roller, You're never gonna die Out in the washroom, They busted tonight The blue suited soldiers, With the coke sniffin'hounds Come out of your nightmares, And run you to the ground Run you to the ground, Run you to the ground How come you never, Get wise to what you see Yesterday's newspapers blankets in the street Running from your demons, They're out to get your soul To much human debris, On the sidewalks of world Sidewalks of the world Sidewalks of the world [Chorus:] Run for your life To keep on with the living 'Cause we've all been right and wrong Holding your ground on your own The word is out you're going down And no one will ever know Look out rock and roller You'll never want to die They hide in the washroom And bust in tonight The blue suited soldiers With the coke sniffin' hounds Come out of your nightmares To run you to the ground Run you to the ground Run you to the ground [Chorus 2x]
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