Текст песни Necro - Keep On Driving

Death Rap
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Necro
Альбом: Death Rap
Длительность: 04:48
Рейтинг: 686
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Somebody's waiting for you Somewhere down the road Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving In a pickup truck, sick bikers escapees from Rikers snickering Hicks with pitchforks picking up hitchhikers and tricking 'em, we likes it Kill 'em like chickens with an ice pick Run quickly you're in a snuff flick G, feed you to a pig, your wig eaten up No need to dig, jigged up, bleeding from your ribs like squibs I'll eat the brains of your kids kids Male shovanist with a 'fro shall attack and sting you like a big cobra slapped' You get trapped in my crib, in your grill like a jig camera wicking you like a wig Shoot you up, you're puking up uranium, blasting your mom's dukes in the cranium Insane asylum, sanitarium off the crazy train, I'm delirium in the vein again (AAAAH!) You're being chased through the forest, by crazy faced coroners with an amazing taste for blood like Tyrannosaurus, you're exhausted Cut off your clitoris Divorce your form, your orifice, force in a fist tortured with forceps Nauseous from horse shit A coughing rips your torso like a corset Jucks multiple times, like shrapnel inside a war-vet A crooked cult rhyme, assaulting a slime with the insulting rhyme Get cooked from a jolt of voltage through your spine Indulging in coldness, bitterness, cruelness, ruthless, vulgarness, OGRISH Ghoulish when the full moon hits, the ultimate focus is who won't live! Somebody's waiting for you Somewhere down the road Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving You ran out of gas on a farm road and trespassed, now you're stabbed in your ass with broken bottles choking on crushed lipo fill up your abdomen with glass and bust rifles I'm pulling at your organs, organizing an orchestration of gore appreciation deprivation, give a whore a feces facial, eat it raw defecation suffocation you get smothered in anal, kill you like the brother of Abel I'll make your mother my table, and shove an electrical cable in her intestinal navel You just don't get it, you're find dead, naked, beheaded, your drowned head decapitated and used for ???? on the sea bed, imbedded, a school of red snappers ate it then jet it your corpse is a grizzly work of art like a grizzly bear with a body part in his mouth eating like sizzla Scissor teeth sharp like shattered mirrors in your heart by the wizard of incisions Dead, but your nerves make you pop up like jack in a box, attack with an axe like a fox Screaming like you're typing with CAPS LOCK on, fighting so bad your head whitening Shoved on a meat hook, by a creep that looks like Meat Loaf a big oaf, a mofo with a mole will [be] keeping your skull as a trophy Skin on the sofa covered in fungus growth Dumping you in a crawl space, I'm an off the wall nutcase Rocking your face on my face while pumping Ace of Base piece by piece disgrace your fate Somebody's waiting for you Somewhere down the road Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving Keep on driving They're watching you, talking with walkie talkies hawking you with binoculars the cop killers creeping like Tarantulas, the Praying Mantis and Chinchillas You go from being innocent and fearless to careless to brutally killed like Todd Bridge's transition from being Willys to shacked up in a crack house with dealers cracking your back with a black jack til you snap, your spine fractured like a flashback reaction from mescaline cactus making your back twitch your ass backwards Warriors, the serial killer version Put a blade to your dome when I invade your trailer home like a military incursion and make you drink your urine In a deserted desert I've pleasantly murdered, your vertebra is some perverted peasants insert your gizzard the disgusting tre
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