Текст песни Beanie Sigel - What a Thug About

Saints Row 2: K Rhyme FM - OST
Жанр: R'n'B / Hip-Hop / OST
Исполнитель: Beanie Sigel
Альбом: Saints Row 2: K Rhyme FM - OST
Длительность: 03:59
Рейтинг: 2390
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Ronny89


(Verse 1) Yo Beanie Mac rap guerrilla I'm out for the skrilla Face it ain't no replacement for this killa Keep your hands where I can see em Don't make me nervous This 4-4 auto mat U don't deserve this shit Kids either don't make me make u a believa I do a lotta talkin I speak wit the heater I'll run up in your crib put some in your wig Your baby's cryin pop pop pop put some in the crib And I want everything not just some of the shit Got niggas comin home at night like you son of bitch Nigga done took me off yeah you shook and soft You can't blink around no crook One look you lost Niggas'll find your bitch to find your bricks See if you love your bitch or you love your chips 4-4 snub shit sendin slugs to the whip Beanie Sigel desert eagle I love this thug shit (Chorus)x2 Yo what you really know what a thug about Locked up in the bing no grub about On the block doin your thing slingin drugs about Tell me what you really know what a thug about (Verse 2) A true thugs speads his game linked up in bubble While niggas stay in one lane like the lincoln tunnel I refuse to limit my game to one hustle I don't only sling crack or let the cards shuffle I know how to play cee-lo set it off like cleo Ain't no tellin first union or mellan First nigga that move put two up in his melon >From the 9-2 emberetem parabellum And I run through cats I'm a true gun cat One nickel One black Who want that I done schooled my youngins Gave tools to my youngins Broke food wit my youngins Broke rules wit my youngins Spark my way outta shit and had bad run in's Talked my way outta shit and near death come in Real thugs do what they want say what they feel They never front they keep it real (Chorus)x2 (Verse 3) Niggas claim to be thugs you real fuckin suckas Quick ass runnin good fuckin duckas Obey the rules when my glock unloads Cause when I start firin stop drop and roll Duck behind cars hide behind poles Know I live by the code anything goes Real thugs stand up straight they never fold And they don't know shit if anything ever blows Thugs don't wanna talk shit out They wanna spark shit out Till the cops come an chalk shit out Blaze wit the toasta extra clip in the leg holsta Face off like Cage and Travolta If you got beef a thug gonna roast ya Talk behind their back a thug gonna approach ya Right amount of stack a thug gonna ghost ya Lay you out flat like a thug suppose ta
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