Текст песни Chamillionaire - Talking That Talk

The Longest Yard - OST / Всё или ничего - Саундтрек [CD2]
Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Альбом: The Longest Yard - OST / Всё или ничего - Саундтрек [CD2]
Длительность: 03:57
Рейтинг: 3108
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Загрузил: whats my muthafuckin name


Ay!, Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas) Chamillionaire, The Mixtape Messiah Haha, I feel like niggaz need to show some respect off in here mayne Tell 'em the name (tell 'em the name) - Chamillitary mayne [Chorus: Chamillionaire] I hear ya talkin' that talk, I heard you was talkin' bout me Soon as I ask who you talkin' too, you reply wit' nah it's not me No bite for all of that barkin', cow-mad that y'all ain't got me They ain't keepin' it real like they talkin', pussy niggaz is all that I see [Chamillionaire] You could be hungry, ugly, chubby, homeless, crippled and blind And still be better off than niggaz talkin lip to a nine I hit that track wit' David Banner, talk that lip to me now Pussy niggaz like to hide, pop up on 'em suprise! Tired of lettin' niggaz ride gave 'em too many times I'm sick of tryin', sick 'em huh, flippin' and flyin' Now they got me yellin' out WHAT! like a skit from Jon Chamillitary ain't gon' ride, y'all need to quit ya lying Cuz ya know that ya falsifying niggaz know they can't stop the giant It just shows that'll stop the crying, move over this spot is mine Take over it's about the time, I'ma put all these boys in line Couldn't walk a inch in my shoes but you know can drop and tie em' [Chorus] [David Banner] If it jumps off, it jumps off - let the front of the pumps off sumthin' that'll knock ya fuckin' lump off Think I'm bama, think I'm country well I'am bitch And I got bullets I can share and I ain't selfish Dirty boy I got just what you need Them slugs that'll fly through trees and knock off knees Knock off kids, knock off peers - Got beats that'll knock by ?, wrong-buck get ya throat cut Catch a buck 5th, watch yo chest lift Dope rhymes, cuz the small lines take a sniff Bitch I'm tryna make ya nose bleed Like Russians bustin' the shit out Apollo creed I'ma ride! [Chorus] [Chamillionaire] Respect the messiah, ay where the hell is ya manners man? Knock ya off of ya henges like you got hit wit a batter-ram You'll be stupid for challengin', knock ya outta ya skeleton You'll be down on the floor like a Lil' Flippa or Banner fan The hustle man, I hustle a grand, that dude in Atlant' it Then what I do wit it? Flip it, kinda like that dude that he mad at I'm talkin' stops when I rocket, it's sendin' you out the planet You'll be just timber-in-a-lake like that dude feelin' Janet That could get you shot at damaged, I bet that you cry or panic That could get you cut, beat the hell up, then goodbye or vanish Put ya feet on the concrete, I hope that you got 'em planted Now stand-flat, so I can blaat!, make you loose all your balance Koopa [Chorus]
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