Текст песни Nena - Hangin' On You

99 Luftballons
Жанр: New Wave
Исполнитель: Nena
Альбом: 99 Luftballons
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 782
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stanny


Set me free why don´t you babe Get out of my life why don´t you babe ´cause you don´t really love me You just keep me hangin´ on Why do you keep a comin around Playing with my heart Why don´t you get out of my life And let me make a brand new start Let me get over you The way you´ve gotten over me yeah You say although we broke up You still wanna be just friends But how can we still be friends When seeing you only breaks my heart again Oh no And there´s nothing i can do about it Why, why you keep me holding on I keep on moving on Dont try to keep you holding on You say you still care for me But your heart and soul needs to be free And that you´ve got your freedom back You wanna still hold on to me Why don´t you be a man about it and set me free Now you don´t care a thing about me You´re just using me Get out, get out of my life And let me sleep at night ´cause you don´t really love me You just keep me hangin on
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