Текст песни DJ Bobo - Tonight

Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: DJ Bobo
Альбом: Fantasy
Длительность: 03:50
Рейтинг: 956
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Загрузил: златарь


Huh, what, huh, ha, come on! Whoo! Just cruising. Ha ha, ha ha, hey! Ha, let's get it on tonight, Alright? Well it goes a little something like this. Well excuse me, sorry but I didn't mean to bother you, I was just cruisin' around in my BMW, When I saw you driving by, You caught my eye, and then I thought, Why are you on your own, all alone? Talking with someone on the end of a phone? Is there another guy, just waiting for you to get home? Ha, girl, I should have known! So what's the deal between you and me? Can we get together, watch TV? I know there's a place that you'd rather be, Where the money means nothing and the drinks are free! Lemme take you there, no need to be aware, Did I tell you I'm a millionaire? Forget about him, I'll treat you right, Baby turn out the light, and we can get it on tonight, ha! (All night) Come on! Yeah! Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Well alright, alright, yeah Know what I said? (All night) Whoo! It's like that, it's like that! (All night) All night, baby Come on! So you followed my car along the freeway, I gave you plenty of room, lots of leeway! We drove for a while, not more than a mile, Keeping in touch talking on the mobile. The clock went 10 when we got to my mansion, The only thing that I could think about was expansion. We went into the kitchen and I poured some wine, And I thought to myself "Ha ha, girl, you're mine!" I told you to undress me, caress me, Try to impress me, but just don't possess me! Do what you wanna do, anything you want to, That feels good! Please continue! Forget about him, now he's out of sight, Hey it's me! I'll make it alright! So come on, why don't you turn out the light, And let's get it on tonight, come on, ha! (All night) Say what, say what? Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Come on, whoo! Lemme hear it! (All night) Hey! Let's get it on tonight, a come on! (All night) Verse three! Early the following morning, the day was dawning, I got up yawning. Saw you lying in my bed, scratching your head, And then you said to me, "Where you going honey?" "To make some money," I replied, "What's so funny?" You looked at me with your smile on your face, Like you wanted something, another embrace. So I paused for a minute to say goodbye, I really didn't want to make you cry, I left for work about half past nine, Forgot about what I'd left behind. The day was okay, kinda lazy, hazy, But when I got home you really amazed me, I got through the door, to my sheer delight, You were still in bed, hell! Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Huh, huh Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Yeah! Come on, yeah! (All night) Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Ha ha, ha ha Lemme hear it! (All night) Yeah! Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Say what? Ha ha! Come on yeah! (All night) Let's get it on tonight! (All night) Let's get it on tonight, uh come on!
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