Текст песни Rotting Christ - Orders From The Dead (Diamanda Galas Cover)

Жанр: Folk Metal / Melodic Black
Исполнитель: Rotting Christ
Альбом: Aealo
Длительность: 08:58
Рейтинг: 909
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Загрузил: shadow5867


THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES But these flames are NOT new To OUR dead OUR dead did cry their final prayer in those flames Our dead did sing their last lullaby in those flames Our dead prayed to our infidelite GOd in those falmes Our dead whispered a last goodbye to their mother IN THOSE FLAMES THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES OUR dead clawed their children close in THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES OUR dead watched their daughters 16 times RAPED AND BEATEN in the still-burning of THOSE FLAMES OUR dead watched an ax remove their mother’s skull and crown a wooden spit in the continuous burning of THOSE FLAMES OUR DEAD watched while Chrysotomos eyes and tongue were pulled out, teeth and fingers broken, one by one, in the laughing and the cheering OF THOSE FLAMES OUR DEAD watched their sisters drenched with gasoline and scream with melting skin “THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES” OUR DEAD gave birth to Turkish victories the gurgling and then dying trophy. on a bayonet which marked the borders of THE WORLD WHICH IS GOING UP IN FLAMES OUR DEAD WERE DRAGGED IN MARCHES THROUGH THE DESERT SUN FOR WEEKS UNTIL THE SUN BURNED OUT THEIR LUNGS and when the desert sun which was burning them like flames ripped apart their lips, we heard the final prayer LORD GOD HAVE MERCY LORD UPON OUR SOULS! They saw the WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES buried, not yet dead inside the pits engraved: “GIAOURI, INFIDELI: OUR GOD HAS CHOSEN YOU TO DIE” And now the unblessed dead have ordered us to say: THIS is my GRAVE, MY HOLY BED YOU CANNOT take it YOU can NOT ERASE MY NAME YOU can NOT ERASE OUR DEAD YOU CANNOT ERASE THE DEAD Because we have been ordered now to list their names, their numbers, to give their date of birth, their earthly city, their father’s name, the sweetness of their mother’s eyes GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE and forevermore We’ll see you when the desert meets the sky But do not FORGET MY NAME And so these were the orders from the dead said without a word but with a final glance: the SECOND granted to the Infidel since an Infidelite Hell should NOT require a prayer should NOT require a silent moment And now the Infidel is told to forgive and to forget to understand : Advance into a paradise of Dead Memories, of Living Death, the Old Folks Home of Catatonia of Madness and Despair. “Do not ask me for the NUMBER of that Grave: It has been stolen.” “What IS this love for bones and dirt? Put this ancient thing behind you, Infidelite You HAVE no claim to GOD You Have no claim to PEACE YOu HAVE no claim to JOY YOU HAVE NO CLAIM YOU HAVE NO CLAIM YOU HAVE NO CLAIM GIAVOURI!!!! Remember just how lucky, sperm of Satan, that you are: to even BE alive. NOW! HERE! ACROSS THE SEA! GIAVOUR! You HAVE no God. A man without a God Can NOT be burned ALIVE He never WAS alive, not as a MAN, giavour, but as a DOG.” [PAUSE] BUT I HAVE orders from the Dead that warn me: “DO NOT FORGET ME: My blood will fill the air you breathe FOREVER.” “MY DEATHBIRD is Not DEAD HE CARRIES ALL MY TEETH: MY SMILE OF UNFORGETFULNESS, MY LAUGH! VRYKOLAKA! I am the man unburied who CANNOT sleep IN FORTY PIECES!!!!! I am the girl, dismembered and unblessed, I am the open mouth that drags your flesh and will never rest until MY DEATH IS WRITTEN IN A ROCK THAT CAN NOT BE BROKEN!” And these are the orders from The Dead.
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