Текст песни Celesty - Reign Of Elements

Reign Of Elements
Жанр: Power Metal / Epic Metal / Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Celesty
Альбом: Reign Of Elements
Длительность: 04:37
Рейтинг: 568
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Загрузил: evgeny0774


[Delinom] Gods gather in Dale It's time to make the final move Now I must not fail If I fail my destiny's doomed Now I see the circle of stones One more step, and it is done [Breton] God of the earth We got, the letter from you So here we are Is there nothing we can do? [Tarine] He is a fraud he's not Maegon Run for you lives, he's Delinom [Delinom] By the power of the Spirits I will use this sword I'll become great powerful lord I will hold the land of Cryon No one will be saved And I'll rule this world alone I take the final place I use my sword as a key Lightnings and flames I'm cold like a stone in the sea I see Gods die before me I've gained these powers, now you will see By the power of Spirits I did use that sword Now I am great powerful lord I will hold land of Cryon No one will be saved and I rule this world alone As I look all around me I see bodies, dead bodies of Gods They are drained, now I possess their powers [Tarine] Please let me live, take my land but let me live [Delinom] You were one of those who sent me to Dramar Now Die!! But where is Shemin, she cannot be alive, If she is, she won't be for long. [Shemin] Now I've seen, how the end has come My powers gone, it had been done To the town of wind I must now ride They heal my wounds, to shadows then I must hide
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