Текст песни Chamillionaire - I Think I Love You

Ultimate Victory
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Альбом: Ultimate Victory
Длительность: 04:44
Рейтинг: 1165
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Загрузил: Gragory


Mo' money mo', mo' money mo', yeah mo' money mo' Yeah having money, is like a relationship know I'm saying Ery'body, always gon get in your bidness Try to break it up, try to get involved in it But they really, need to mind they own bidness Money don't do nothing, but bring you trouble But for some reason I keep chasing you, I must be in love [Chamillionaire] You so bad that we getting mad, somebody that they wish they had You're a dime and you know you mine, flipping with you right in my slab Relationship ain't the same, as the others back in the past See I tried to have someone like you, but didn't add up to half Cruising it with my queen, the jewels the wrist and the bling We moving and hit the scene, the movie the flick a dream Painting the city green, like green is the coolest thing You're oozing up in the jeans, we doing it as a team I hopped in a different slab, that ain't got the easy take But you looking so good to them, that they told me tell me pass Never told me slow it down, the rims keep on moving fast When I'm driving I almost crash, when I stare at your sexy ass The longer we stay together, your appearance is looking better Not better off with the fellas, you gonna be mine forever They always loving the yella's, that's why I nicknamed you Cheddar But they'd better not touch ya, or better see my baretta You'll never leave by my side, even though they all try to take ya Never turning on me, even though they all try to make ya As long as you by my side, there's nothing I couldn't pay for We'll make up and never break up, I stay in love with you paper [Hook] Money can't money can't, buy me love But she's acting like she love me, cause I'm riding on dubs Money can't money can't, buy me trust But my money is attracted, to the backstabbers Money bring money bring, plenty haters It be looking so good, that I'ma prolly fall in love Money, you bring me trouble But I still think, I love you [Chamillionaire] She's as black as a African, but they call her American Very thin, yeah she be messing around with married men When he comes home, she's never asking him where he been Cause ninety-nine percent of the time, she was right there with him Chances of him losing her, in this life are very slim Think money doesn't grow on trees, you ain't checking every limb She gon be around for a while, she wants to marry him She gon still survive when he dies, she'll have to bury him When you know you're with a dime, they'll treat you like you're special Broad that is sleep and you're sick, because your's left you Bring her to the church, and the pastor says God bless you Bring her round your boys, but be careful they gon get you The cash in a hidden place, ironically called it safe And you prolly leave it in the safe like it's safe, in the realest place I hope you gon stay awake, cause they gonna enter and break And the safe is the first thing, that them haters gon try and take [Hook] [Chamillionaire] He introduced her to his mother, his mother said that she love her And after that he discovered, his brother done tried to cut her They messing with one another, saw her under the covers And now he gotta show his brother, the meaning of keep it gutter And all I know is I love her, I mean he loves her Tried to control his temper, as he leaned in and hugged her Just enough to get close to her, he screamed as he shoved her Out of the exit heard his brother scream, you's a buster Don't touch her, what you better slow your roll quick Naw matter fact back up, right now before I click-click What's this, told you to stop playing with me boy Hurry up girl let's go, you bring me trouble She's falling to the floor, he picked her up and he's grab
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