Текст песни Jimi Hendrix - Straight Ahead

The Cry Of Love
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Jimi Hendrix
Альбом: The Cry Of Love
Длительность: 04:44
Рейтинг: 1379
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Загрузил: Bars


Hello, my friend So happy to see you again I was so alone All by my self I just couldn't make it Have you heard, baby What the winds blowing round Have you heard, baby A whole lot of peoples coming right on down Communication, yeah Is coming on strong And don't give a damn, baby If your hair is short or long, huh I said, get out of your grave Everybody is dancing in the street Do what you know, don't be slow You gotta practice what you preach 'Cause it's time for you and me Come to face reality (it sounds like he says "fake reality") Forget about the past, baby Things ain't what they used to be Keep on Straight Ahead Keep on straight Ahead Straight Ahead, baby Straight Ahead, baby We got to stand side by side We got to stand together and organize They say power to the people, That's what they're screamin' Freedom of the soul Pass it on, pass it on to the young and old You got to tell the children the truth They don't need a whole lot of lies Because one of these days, baby They'll be running things So when you give them love You better give it right Woman and child and man and wife The best love to have is the Love Of Life Pushing on Straight Ahead Straight Ahead, baby Hello my friend It's so good to see you again And I've been all by my self I don't think I can make it alone I gotta keep on pushing ahead
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