Текст песни Cypress Hill - Busted In The Hood

Till Death Do Us Part
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Till Death Do Us Part
Длительность: 04:03
Рейтинг: 2765
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Загрузил: Partizan


WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL... here's a little story, I got to tell About a thugged out homey, I know so well It started way back, when I was a teen In the hood, on the corner, slangin dope to fiends Had the little stash that could serve your need You can do what you want but I got weed for me Ridin for my fam, tryin to hit a grand CRASH unit on my ass, now I'm in demand One lone-ly fami-ly I be All in the hood, I got no-bo-dy The sun is beatin down on my red dark hat Pigs are roamin through the alley so I gotta toss my gat Forgot about the sack, lookin for a place to hide If they ask me for my name - fuck 'em, I'ma lie!" [Chorus] One O.G. gangsta I be Busted in the hood, I got no more weed Pigs are comin down on my gangsta stash When they caught me with the weed, and the dope and hash [B-Real] He said a little somethin, I wasn't so impressed No more runnin homey, now you're under arrest The sack was in my hand, felt like a sack of bricks I swore he couldn't see it when I threw it in my whip He said he wanted some, I said I don't have none Found it in the sun on the floor next to my gun Next thing I saw was the gun to my head Now the lead will make me dead, and yo this is what he said [Sen Dog] My name is Sgt. Slacker with a license to kill (uh-huh) I think you know what time it is, it's time to get real (yea) Now what do we have here? A banger and his peers [B-Real] He cuffed my hand you understand he threatened me with tears Sorry motherfucker had his gun out with a grin You think the story's over but it's ready to begin [Chorus] [Sen Dog] Now I got your crack and most of your crew You got a couple choices of what you can do Better make the right decision if you know what I mean You can do some time, or fork over your green [B-Real] I said I got no green he started lookin at me harder I said I don't have nothin you can go fuck your daughter (WHAT?) He hit me with the fist, he hit me with the gat He put the night stick to my back, soooooooooooooo I think I'm done, the pig's got my gun It isn't lookin good, I got ink on my thumb Another pig walked in, said he's playin games He gave another look at me, found out my false name [Chorus] [B-Real] Sittin there pissed as I dwell in my cell The place smells like shit, in the County Jail Homey lookin at me like he seen me before He started throwin up a set, then he spit on the floor I think ay-yeah yo, I know this kid It's the same motherfucker cocktailed my crib This dude said - get ready - pulled a shank on me I said c'mon homey you a bit too sloppy Fool tried to stab me, socked him in the eye The guards yelled, "Give it up!" and let two fly The guards said down and we hit the floor If you make a move after you won't move no more He said I think you once again best protect ya neck I said eat a dick from me you don't get respect I said you wanna come with it, any time and place And I'll leave you like Pacino with a Scar-on-ya-face They put him in the hole, and all the bullshit stopped But when his boy had beef, yeah he got dropped P.D. had no witness, D.A. dropped the load I got probation for the gun and the dope, case closed [Chorus - 2X]
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