Текст песни Vio-Lence - Phobophobia

Eternal Nightmare
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Vio-Lence
Альбом: Eternal Nightmare
Длительность: 06:32
Рейтинг: 695
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Загрузил: Leo2007


Restricted patient Or so they say I choose to stay here, phobic fears Nerve endings eaten away I'm out of touch With all in sight Don't close my eyes I fear that death will come collecting tonight Distracted ruins Oh can't you see? I'm nervous, frightened, tormented by everything You'll never know Just what it's like You can't imagine What's disturbing, what is eating my mind In constant paranoia Keeps me looking over my shoulder I'm hiding 'til the fear is over Running down the street I'll never look to see just what it might be That I fear so much in my life Or in my death Doctor, help me At any cost Please make it go away before I am totally lost Inside a shell and locked away No fear can touch me When I scream, none can hear what I say But is it gone, or did it stay? My phobophobic thoughts God, will they ever go away? And leave me be, I doubt they will The disease of fear has got me And it's in for the kill The fracture of my mind It will destroy me slowly In the end, I lay there breathless Six feet under, dirt will cover The headstone reads "His was a frantic mind, less human being Destroyed by fear of everything that could be" I've witnessed fear For all it's worth I can't imagine someone causing its own birth The human hell Or so we say But is it fear the only thing that we are prey? In life, not death Define to me A state of coldness life where I can be free Of mortal choice Burden of life A questioned fate of fear or am I to die? I've seen now some of what I've done done A disease now once delivered On those poor souls I pressure on Unearthly cold they shiver Insertion of fear a blood lacing tear I draw from cowards breaking Psychiatrists I tie in knots This mind in fear is taken
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