Текст песни Great White - Hand On The Trigger

Let It Rock
Жанр: Hard Rock / Melodic Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Great White
Альбом: Let It Rock
Длительность: 05:17
Рейтинг: 876
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Загрузил: Leo2007


As the light calls back the shadows, she rises from her chair; puts away the past, and looks into the mirror. The faces she sees, so empty, hardly recognized, but the tears of a heart left broken, linger in her eyes. Gotta find a way, some way to ease the pain... With her hand on the trigger, hand on her heart, just one more shot for love, one last shot for love, one more shot for love. She dreams of times remembered, but those were better days, when the love they shared ran true and clear like the lines on an empty page. It's funny how it changes, she sees how love is blind, with the nights she spends now waiting, forever on her mind. Gotta find a way, some way to ease the pain; had herself enough, she's gonna have her day. Yes, she feels so helpless, like she's outside of herself; visions of a life denied, raging on and on inside. With a hand on her heart.
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