Текст песни Dragonland - Holy War

Holy War
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Dragonland
Альбом: Holy War
Длительность: 06:48
Рейтинг: 585
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Загрузил: Reaper_Of_Bodom


4. Holy War [Music: Holmlid, Magnusson, Heidgert Lyrics: Heidgert] We have to fight for our freedom and lives Night and day for light we pray Who'll stand victorious we are but a few Riders of light vanquish the night Holy War As we thrown into the ocean of fear Light shall subside to answer our pleas Thus as we struggle through This harsh winterstorm Frozen and cold we will fight on Soon we will face our foes Thousands and thousands They're coming towards us to slay We will fight 'til the end if we can Many will die by our hands But will it be good enough? This is our holy crusade of light We have to fight for our rights to live This is our golden crusade of light We have to fight to survive Holy War [Solo] We'll engage your blinding rage And we'll fight like never before We shall stand for Dragonland And I swear you will die by my light guided hands With our powers we will save our world Glorious light lend us your might We ride towards the Ivory plains as we chant: "For Dragonland! For evermore!" The Lord of Darkness must fall Fall with my steel though his heart I shall banish his might You can run but you can never hide I'll find you where ever you are By my sword you will die This is our holy crusade of light This is our holy crusade of light I'm gonna fight you for victory This is my golden blade made of light This is the war of a century Glorious light...
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