Текст песни Dark Tranquillity - Mind Matters

Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Dark Tranquillity
Альбом: Character
Длительность: 03:30
Рейтинг: 2179
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Soilwork


You are all that matters In my private demonology Those who fail us now The sons of wishes The bastard child of dream Enemies of hope Let it be gone - it's all pretend Mind matters, matters not. Never. Again. In perfect clarity. We'll see the day with child-like vision. It doesn't leave a- We're all without guidance The old disaster All matter without import Our search is wider RAGH Cast off the white and wholesome dreams Mind matters, matters not YEAAGH. No need to see you there The path we made is clear Just stay ahead of me This is not safe for me to see Mind Matters, matters not. This time, I'll bring you up to nothing Project again, direct the pose to action All across the board Judge comings close to call Let it be gone It's all pretend Mind. Matters. Matters. Not.
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