Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Night Castle

Night Castle
Жанр: Symphonic Rock
Исполнитель: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Альбом: Night Castle
Длительность: 03:55
Рейтинг: 828
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Загрузил: elenaaleksandr


(lieutenant) i have been this way before check each window every door for a passage through this night this night but each hallway ends the same every door's been checked in vain for a way to reach that light that light as i move in deeper towards this castle's keeper every stair seems steeper am i risking my own life my life then a falcon in the air looking down returns my stare while she's circling around around then she dives straight towards a wall then she isn't there at all and is gone without a sound no sound i have no choice but to follow what was solid now is hollow stairways hidden behind curtains realizing nothing is certain suddenly up stairs i'm climbing then through hallways twisted, winding this falcon on her endeavor do these stairs just go forever on and in that room an old man sitting there he's writing notes and drops them in the air somewhere outside upon an ocean breeze which takes them out past where the eye can see
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