Текст песни Eminem - Taking My Ball

Relapse: Refill
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: Relapse: Refill
Длительность: 05:02
Рейтинг: 2450
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Toya


Woo! come on, man (x2) okay! Hook: It feels so wrong but it feels so right But it's allright, it's okay with me I'll do my steps all by myself I don't need nobody to play with me But if you just give me a chance I could put you in a trance the way I dance But don't nobody wanna play with me So I'm taking my ball and going home Hoo-ooome Verse 1: I'm that guy, man Shove a diamond up my hind end And crush it with my butt muscles while I cut vocals Slut poke holes in your shirt jump in mud puddles While I stomp mud holes in your ass, girl, now let's cuddle Blood curdling, you're gurgling on your blood what'll I'll do for my next trick I'm feelin' one duffle I think I might just do something a little less subtle Shove a fuckin tonka truck up a little kid's butthole Feel the wrath of a physcopath slash ambassador of the Valentine's Day massacre slash assassin I'll slash her in the ass with an icicle And leave her layin a bloodbath Put a catheder in and jump in the bath with her In my Spiderman mask Man, just imagine the fun I could have with a strap on Stick it up Kim Kardashian's ass and make the bitch run a triathalon Are those pistachios? Damn, I'd like to have some Laying on the patio man, rollin a fat one Shady drop the magic marker, put the cap on God damn, man, are you that much of an asshole? Repeat Hook Verse 2: I'm like Houdini, Tuck my teenie-eenie-weenie-between each one of my thighs And make it dissapear like a ____ (??) Make that shit dissaper like Tara Reid in a bikini Believe me, homie, you don't know the meaning of a meanie They call me the fruit loop from Jupiter I'm tryin ta manuever the hoover up in your poop chute Don't move or ya, might get it stuck up so fucking far in your uvula You ain't gonna know what he was trying to do to ya gluteus Totally tubular sniffing glue throught a tube in the stud-i-a Now who do ya think is more frut-i-a? Weenie smothered in peanut butter pudding on a tube of your eyeshadow And man it looked nice, You shoulda seen it, mother. I think I put a piece of art on my Visa card Then I go beat Mischa Barton with a Cuisinart Then mosey on over to Rosy O'Donnell's, with McDonalds, Jump on her lap, and watch The Sopranos Repeat Hook Verse 3: Shady, what are you doin' chewin' on a human? Grab an aluminum bat, hit Hiedi Klum in the back Boom! and assumin' the fact that that dude's in the back room Usin' the bathroom, vacuumin' a racoon Skewin' a rat, a cat, screwin a baboon You shouldn't aks what is he doin with that broom You should be glad he ain't leave you full of stab wounds You in a trance, I'm back, doin my dance OOH But they're afraid I might get Sarah Palin by the hair and make her wear a bathin suit And take her parasailin? Shady, why do ya gotta pick on the lady for? Why you make her read 84 bedtime stories to you in baby talk? *baby voice* Cuz I'm scared there's monsters under my bed Can we pick one, hid my juice box under my bassinet No wonder my ass is wet, my diaper needs to be changed You like graffiti, dyke? Well I can pee-pee and write your name Repeat Hook Fine. Nobody wants to play with me? Fuck you, then. Bitch. You guys are always mean to me, anyways. All you do is rub gum in my hair and stuff. You guys are gonna make me sad. I'm sad. I'm gonna kye... I'm kying. *sobs* I'm gonna tell my mom Moooom!
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