Текст песни Robert Pattinson - Stray Dog

Bella's Lullaby
Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Robert Pattinson
Альбом: Bella's Lullaby
Длительность: 03:06
Рейтинг: 389
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Загрузил: We_all_dead_now


Considering the same old you Head on fast, but it came on easy Now I won't be gone for long, at least I'm going home I'm here for you, now you know what you lost Now you are the thieves that you pardoned Search for need, it'll never come Now you have fallen There's more for their own now Sometimes I need a focus, I need a reason So, so long Stray dog You're only Joker no, joker no more Oh to each their own When you can call on your mind It's a crime to hold back the tears sometime And, wasted wasted, all before You forget what you came here for And, you need to see the signs And, you need to stop wasting time And, start to save that stolen Story that you heard before. And I waited for you, but you're long gone Stray dog You're only, only a stray, Joker no, joker no more Yeah, stray dog
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