Текст песни Jimmy Barnes - If Loving You Is A Crime (I'll Always Be Guilty) (With The Memphis Boys)

Soul Searchin'
Жанр: Blues Rock
Исполнитель: Jimmy Barnes
Альбом: Soul Searchin'
Длительность: 03:29
Рейтинг: 755
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IF LOVING YOU IS A CRIME (I'LL ALWAYS BE GUILTY) (by Yvonne Williams, first recorded by Lee Moses in 1968) If loving you is a crime, Then give me time 'Cause I'll always be guilty. Sometimes I feel that I'm on trial For loving you too much, child. You're the judge and the jury of my peers, If it's time for me to talk, Lord, listen here. If you don't want me to steal your heart, Lock me up and throw away the key And keep us both apart. And if they will let me go, I know I'd do the same thing all over again. If loving you is a crime, Then give me time - I'll always be guilty, Yes I will. I stand before you, a condemned man, Because I had a deliberate plan To steal your heart Aww and your love away, But I got caught, what can I say? Baby I'm guilty, so guilty Oh Lord, I'm guilty but I know now, If they let me go, I know I will do the same thing over again, And I'll tell you why. If loving you's a crime, Then give me time, I'll always be guilty, so guilty, I'm so guilty baby, so guilty... I'm sitting here on a witness stand, I got to plead guilty. If it's a crime in this world For a man loving a woman like you, I'm guilty baby. Somebody's gotta let me know, I'll spend the rest of my life For loving you...
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