Текст песни Motörhead - Walk a Crooked Mile

Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Motörhead
Альбом: Hammered
Длительность: 05:51
Рейтинг: 4794
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AlterBoy


If you were in the movies, Who would you play? If you were tried for murder What could you say? And if you were out to lunch What would you eat? We wanna know the answers Who do you want to beat? Don't show your fear, Keep it out of site, Don't loose your place in here And you might be all right Don't say nothing shut your mouth Out of time work it out You're leaving in a cruel world And your face is out of style Boogey man, magic word, Walk a crooked mile. If you were Armageddon Who would you spare? If you were judge and jury, Why would you care? And if you were out of breath How would you breathe? The world deserves the answers, What do you have up your sleeve? Can't show your hand Find another way, Can't play that ace in here, Never see another day. Plead no contest, pass the buck, Running scared, you ain't so tough We hold rehearsal for your death We're tired of your smile Boogey man, see what you get Walk a crooked mile. Standing in the spotlight, What would you need? If you were a soldier, How would you bleed? And if you were in the rain, What would you wear? We're hungry for the answers, Don't seem right, bu we don't care. Don't bring your friends, Send them all away Don't meet your end in here, Don't throw your life away. Don't you change, don't drop your guard, Double bluff throw down your cards, Death has put his mark on you Man and boy and child, Boogey man, back to start Walk a crooked mile.
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