Текст песни Tiamat - Sixshooter

Judas Christ
Жанр: Gothic Metal
Исполнитель: Tiamat
Альбом: Judas Christ
Длительность: 04:08
Рейтинг: 1890
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Boros


Lost my mind on a bungyjump on LSD And in downtown Chicago demons haunted me Almost drank myself to death in Malaysia And in a Paris cafe one demon dressed like a geisha And in Rochester my best friend started to fall But a demon doctor gave him pills for it all We were praying to God to forget and forgive But a candyman spread stardust over Tel-Aviv Sixshooter , sixshooter Don't spend it all on me And the scythemen demons were wearing black capes Appearing everytime I tried to escape They were eating raw meat from silver plates And stomping their feet to the roaring V8 A demon sixshooter in a six-geared car On the 38th floor in a rotating bar With all hell's fire and a Vodka Martini And a roulette hooker in a stolen Lamborghini Don't spend it all on me And the demon's fire burned a crooked spoon In a plastic, fantastic oxygen cocoon On a pharao trip as Egypt kings Rotten, embalmed before the fat lady sings And a red sun rose over a pay clinic And I would eat more often than three times a week The healing and soothing myrrh I'll apply Fight the demons to hell until I fucking die And the demon smiled as the circle spinned And in my whisky sour the devil grinned I was rolling another hundred dollar bill And cleaning my nose for the ultimate thrill Sixshooter , sixshooter Don't spend it all on me
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