Текст песни Deep Purple - The Spanish Archer

The House Of Blue Light
Жанр: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Deep Purple
Альбом: The House Of Blue Light
Длительность: 05:00
Рейтинг: 12084
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Загрузил: Gennadiy


Well there must have been a reason for the smile that you had upon your face last night Are you the cat that got the cream did you lick your lips did you close your eyes Can you imagine how it feels it's so hard to reveal Oh i can't get through and i'm falling I'm getting out i'm losing ground The spanish archer's gonna bring you down. Is there someone somewhere waiting in the wings to take my place Let's not drag it out like a cagney death scene In this season of change it's not hard to explain Like the leaves on the trees i'm falling And as you turn don't look away The Spanish archer's gonna make you pay. Do you remember when the sky was blue we used to talk for miles And now we drive along in this thundering silence. It's such an obvious lie with that easy smile of yours I'm letting go and I'm falling I'm getting out losing ground The Spanish archer's gonna bring you down, oh. Well is there something i can say as we stumble to the edge have we gone too far Why don't we call it a day before we call it a nightmare darlin' If we made a mistake then all that it takes to be free Is the wave of a hand and you're falling and as you turn don't look away The Spanish archer's gonna make you pay.
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