Текст песни Birdman - Nightclub

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Birdman
Альбом: Pricele$$
Длительность: 04:37
Рейтинг: 497
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Загрузил: roman7653


Yeah Baby Out the pound (Priceless) Lookin` through Skyline (Always) Sittin` at the top play boy Sand beach water purple green money ya dig To the ceiling with it Jumpin out the pearl white Long jet maybach [Verse 1] Fresh New pearl on the diamond cluster More money and we shinin` like a ma`fucker Come from the bottom where we had nothin` Grindin` in these streets till we built something Cash flow Money on the dashboard Money in the dashboard sittin` high ridin` low (shh) Put a hundred on my son flow a hundred on that pounds of blow a hundred on that marble flow So we higher than a bright light sunny day sunny night hustlin` like all night doin it to the sun light gettin` it to this bright light doin it on them twenty fours shinin` on them headlights C-C-Catch me in the nightclub two tools strapped up, soo woo`n blood Red flag hopin` out a red jag pretty red bitch with a shanell bag [Chorus] C-C-Catch me in the nightclub two tools strapped up, soo woo`n blood Red flag hopin` out a red jag pretty red bitch with a shanell bag grindin` till the top of the cieling nigga more money we billin` nigga more bottle we chillin` nigga bitches see us shinin` so they lookin` and feelin` nigga We hustlin` and flippin` nigga Mo money we killin` nigga [Verse 2] Take a picture of yo porsche nigga without yo frame nigga More money good aim nigga you get it you blame nigga F-Fuck em for change nigga F-Fuck em my change nigga Cartier frame nigga the watch and chain nigga Yeah at the top where it`s hot Mo money gun cocked mo bitches won`t stop See the hustle won`t stop so we flippin` Mo money round the corner (?) movin` and we dippin` Diamond in this water eagles we land Yachts four floors we livin` lookin` grand clippin` mo tan fuckin` with that sand black diamonds stay stuntin` round that corner uptown rep hunter Bitch she bad gucci (?) She love it when she iced up jumpin` in the Benz In the jeep how she play shop everyday Pull up in the harley rally strip paper plates 100 [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yeah garbage bag full full of dough homie Mo money and mo bitches then I know homie 24`s everytime I hit the do` Suicide lamborghini doors mink on the floor Priceless yeah I fuck that hoe Yeah I fucked a movie hoe Yeah I fucked a rap hoe Yeah we get this money hoe Cash money Young money bitch we bout this big money Uptown livin` legends poppin` bottles blowin` hundreds Catch me in this mud bitch strapped in this mud bitch Know about this combat shit know about this hustla shit Get it how we get it nigga never (?) this shit nigga no borrow big money how we do this bitch hustlin` everytime I shine shinin` everytime I floss keep a extra mil on me that`s just how a boss boss youngin` got that flow money diamonds on the toes money Poppin over seas everytime we get some mo money [Chorus]
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