Текст песни Rhapsody Of Fire - The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demon Knight

Triumph Or Agony
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Rhapsody Of Fire
Альбом: Triumph Or Agony
Длительность: 16:26
Рейтинг: 1553
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Загрузил: cagar


Into the darkness they crossed the marsh and entered the frozen cave a secret path was cut into the rock a labyrinth a twisted maze an unknown misty haze Open Your heart then your mind's eye Khaas' eyes focused on the grey rock he saw it in a different way the riddle soon would be solved an illusion was carved in the stone the arrows show where to go Trust in yourself truth awaits you there Crawling on their hands and knees dark is their endless journey so deep the cave of bats but they will go on and on Сhorus: THEY ARE THE LAST HOPE FOR MEN, DRAGONS AND DWARVES SPIRITS OF THE FORESTS SHY ELVES AND TROLLS FIVE GO FROM ELGARD INTO THE DARKNESS LEAVING THE LIGHT TO FIND THE BLACK ORDER'S IMMORTAL DARK RHYMES TO FIND THE WRITTEN WORDS BY HELLGOD'S UNHOLY SON PREVENT HIM FROM RETURNING AND SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD THROUGH THE VALLEY OF SIN LED BY THE WHISPERS OF HOLY WIND INTO DAR-KUNOR A NEW SAGA BEGINS The well of dead souls appears, a red river's flowing inside there's no way to cross, there's no way to climb they wish they were birds and could fly fly to the other side There's a message on the dark stone They discovered a massive dark stone atop it a riddle inscribed: “walk in the bloody abyss, led onward by Nekron's black will, find the courage in his name” Search your conscience read between those words “Yes, and now I know. Nekron's name is all that we need to solve this mystery” Iras spoke those holy words Chorus. [Iras Algor:] “And so this new riddle finally revealed itself to me. The solution lay in Nekron's name. In the Nekranos alphabet certain numbers corresponding to the letters of his name aligned in accordance with black geometry enabling us to walk on invisible steps across the silent abyss reaching the other side of the cave. Unknown horrors awaited us behind those two dark portals” [TARISH:] By all the gods of my nordic lands... we are at the gates of death... [KHAAS:] They were built with the severed limbs of humans and elves [DARGOR:] ...under the orders of my father Vankar... [LOTHEN:] I can feel suffering in every rock... [IRAS:] Listen to the silence... [TARISH:] That must be the great hall... [DARGOR:] The unholy place where the Black Order was born... Since 5000 years, age of primordial wars the men of the known world read Nekron's manuscripts power, blood and luxury attracted some of them who denied the gift of light, sealed their bloody faith to... Hell, Kron and his son he revealed to them the key to resurrect his soul he would be the avenger of his death Nekron once dead would survive in their faith HERE THEY CAME TO PRAY FOR HIM A NEW BLACK ORDER DAR-KUNOR WAS A GATHERING OF FOOLS EVIL SEED FOR NEW TRAGIC WARS Sacrifice of innocents, darkest rites with human flesh this was written in the books seven like the sins of men but horror fills the one that keeps the most terrible prophecy with it Nekron gave the key to awaken him from sleep Sad, dark, prophecy our heroes have to find it or the world will suffer the last book contains another key All the wizards know The seventh book's the only jope THERE MAY BE A KEY IN THE SEVENTH BOOK A MESSAGE FOR THE EVIL ORDER HOW TO HIDE THE ANGELS' RHYMES SO THEY NEVER WILL BE SEEN AGAIN [KHAAS:] Great lords of thunder...the seventh lost book...there... upon the altar... [DARGOR:] Yes...that is the book...I am sure of it! I've heard my father describe it many times... [TARISH:] Let us take it and leave this godforsaken place... [IRAS:] ...the legendary evil book is now in our hands... let us make haste...this was too easy [ALL TOGETHER:] What are these noises? What's happening.
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